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Helping Businesses Navigate the Digital Marketing Landscape



32 Points provides Customized Digital Marketing Strategies
that help you grow faster



We guide you in new customer acquisition strategy in order to grow your customer base with the right customers.


We build customer segmentation and multi channel messaging strategy to help you retain your valuable customers and maximize your acquisition spend.


We create strategies that focus on the LTV of your customer base to promote long term growth.



Grow Faster 

32 Points Marketing was founded by Michael Abolafia in order to help mid-sized businesses grow their online sales through comprehensive digital marketing strategies. With more than 15 years in the online retail space, Michael has a breadth of experience and a network to help clients overcome business challenges affecting growth. Unlike many consultants, Michael has spent his career on the client side, so he has walked in your shoes and understands the challenges and obstacles that you face each day. When engaging with 32 Points, we will become an extension of your team as a strategist and coach. Our experience and network will allow you to grow at a pace that you would have not otherwise achieved.


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